Christian Homann Giant Team Focus Group

The Christian Homann GIANT TEAM Focus Group

Welcome to the Christian Homann GIANT TEAM Focus Group!

During the first quarter of 2021, the Christian Homann GIANT TEAM Focus Group got started in the LT WealthBuilding Academy. And this team really gets it!

We’ve been working with Christian diligently to get The Millionaire Training Book translated to German as well as the 6 Pillars and we’re SO EXCITED to announce that The Millionaire Training Book is now available to order on Amazon in GERMAN!

From day one, Christian’s team started using what was available, and the results are already producing new customers and team members.

The Christian Homann GIANT Team put together the YouTube video featured in this post, and we just can’t thank them enough for the time, thought, and effort! We’re excited to see where it all goes, but one thing we all know, is it’s going forward, and fast!