Dan Waldron Herbalife | Chairman’s Club

The Millionaire Training book launch October 6, 2020

There’s no question that Larry’s concept of talking with 10 people a day was vital. I was not going to let my team or myself have a negative Mental Projector or a Disease of Attitude. Things are going to grow no matter what, so eliminate what’s bad. To take care of a rose bush, you have to water it, and you don’t allow the weeds of negativity to grow. Those concepts have never left me, even 37 years later.

I relied so much on Larry’s teachings during this time of transition at Herbalife. Larry would often come to Dallas to lead training, and if I knew he was coming, I would drive my old beat-up car three-and-a-half hours to listen to a two-hour training.  I’d take my notes, drive back to Austin, and hold my own meeting where maybe three people would show up, but I would just go after it and teach those three people.

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