Larry Thompson

Larry Thompson

Industry Legend | Creator of Millionaire Training and Your Online Upline!

September 5, 2020

The information you’re going to find within the pages of The Millionaire Training has been transformational for me over the past 50 years of my life.  I continue to find value from these concepts today, and there are countless numbers of others across America and around the world whose lives have been transformed just as mine has been by the very same principles you’re about to discover.

Someone once said, “Long after I may have forgotten what you said, I will always remember how what you said made me feel.” The way the following few people “made me feel” by something they did or something they said, helped me make a major transformation in my character.

This book is not about me; it’s a compilation of the experiences of each of the contributors and how they used these principles and the philosophies to change their life for the better – whether they were a schoolteacher, a plumber or a salesperson.

There are so many people I want to thank and acknowledge, and the first two were both major mentors for me.  What I learned from them has made this book possible. I met both of them on May 4, 1968, and while neither of them is still living, their names, their philosophies, and their legacies will live within me forever.

Bobby DePew and Jim Rohn

Bobby DePew and Jim Rohn, my very first two mentors, had such a major impact on my life that I cannot imagine where I would be today without them.  I refer to Bobby as the original strategist and tactician of network marketing with his psychological, his strategic and tactical approach along with his teaching style that forever changed me.

And, Jim, because of his philosophical approach in what he taught and the example that he established for me to follow.  I will never be the same as I once was because of who he was and how he was.  Everything that I am today, I owe to both of these two gentlemen. 

Today, each of us can reach out and touch the lives of others and change them in the process, in the same manner that Bobby and Jim’s example impacted me.

Mark Hughes

Many, many years ago, a very young entrepreneur, Mark Hughes, invited me to play a key role with him in his newly formed company called Herbalife.  Mark said to me, “I want you to take full responsibility for building my entire sales team.”

I will forever be indebted to Mark for his faith and trust in me to do that because his distributors were his family, and without the platform he provided for me at Herbalife, I wouldn’t have had the chance to be where I am today.

Lari – Leah

This special acknowledgement must go to my daughters, Lari and Leah.  Together, we went through all of my growing years and becoming the person I am today.  Many times, we missed birthdays, graduations and school events; yet, we continued to love and support each other through it all.  Now, I am blessed to work with you in all the entrepreneurial businesses in which we’ve been involved.  What a joyful life you have given me!

Tish Rochin

My sister, Tish, was the first distributor I sponsored in Herbalife, and she was the first distributor for our company in the state of Texas. I fondly remember Tish being at the front of the room the day The Millionaire Training was recorded in 1981.  Mark and I always referred to her as “the lady truck driver,” and her contribution to the success of Herbalife has been beyond question, immeasurable.  She was the second distributor who became a Millionaire in Herbalife.

Dennis Dowdell

I want to acknowledge, Dennis Dowdell, who also was present the day we recorded The Millionaire Training.  Dennis is a unique man who became a very, very good friend of mine and he was one of the first 500 distributors in Herbalife.  Time has intensified our friendship. His support over the years has always been appreciated, and now we’re neighbors in Texas with four decades of special memories.

John Addy

Someone who has become a great supporting friend to me over the last decade is John Addy; his unwavering support, encouragement, wisdom and talent have helped make the world of technology work for me to the maximum extent possible.  He turned out to be one of the missing corner pieces of the “success puzzle” by filling a very specialized need.

Carolyn Tarr, Vicki Tarr Sorg, Rolf Sorg and Carston Ledulé

In Europe 26 years ago, the combination of Vicki Tarr Sorg (who I sometimes refer to as my ‘adopted daughter’) and her mother, Carolyn Tarr, along with Rolf Sorg and Carsten Ledule’, created a commitment to perpetuate the rise in popularity for network marketing in Europe. It was their commitment to perpetuate and share the principles and philosophies contained in the stories in this “success manual” that will help accelerate the growth of the industry throughout Europe for decades to come.

Ron Henley

Ron Henley has, for many years, been fascinated by the potential for opportunity to be found in network marketing.  He has carefully recorded the history of the founders, the leaders, and the many companies that have come and gone, and that continue to emerge. His historical compilation allows us to better understand the evolution of our industry. A very close friend and confidante of Jim Rohn, Ron has emerged as the “museum curator” of network marketing. Ron and I both continue to grow because of our friendship and because of the presence we have on each other’s lives.

Tonja Waring

I first met Tonja at one of her manifesting events and was immediately and profoundly impressed not only by the substance of her message, but also with how she delivered the message of Getting Clear on What You Want. I immediately knew that she had valuable skills that were parallel with my own. In addition to being the head of her own company, she serves as the editor and publisher of this book.

Tonja had been aware of The Millionaire Training even before we met and has used its concepts in building both her business and her life. She is multi-talented. I believe her marketing genius helped My Pillow become a dramatic success. In editing this book, she told me, “This book will have a greater effect on the lives of people than Think and Grow Rich.” 

Taylor and I are proud to call her our friend.

John Fleming

John Fleming and I both joined the network marketing industry with Bestline Products.  Even though, we were in different downlines, we had the same DNA profile that emanated from Bobby and Jim.  I was so proud the day I heard that John Fleming brought networking marketing to Avon and later became president of Avon West. 

Since then, we’ve worked on numerous projects together and our mutual respect is unparalleled, as there are so few who truly grasp the solid principles necessary to build an Avon or Herbalife.  We have worked very closely together the last three years.  In my opinion he is the premier authority on the gig economy. He has a vast understanding of who is in this enormous entrepreneurial playground and how they can prosper with the opportunity.

Taylor Thompson

Seldom does a person do well in life and business without someone at their side who has the keys to his or her heart and who at the same time possesses their own unique collection of skills and talents.  My wife, Taylor Thompson, holds such keys, skills and talents.

First, the publication of this book would not be possible at all without Taylor.  She was insistent with me that this message had to be made available for everyone to read, especially women. It was Taylor who did all the interviews and who remained focused on capturing the details of the many people involved to make certain the dream of completing the project became a reality and their contributions memorialized.

Taylor is much more than that.  Taylor was successful before we ever met.  For many years now, Taylor has digested and embodied the principles in not only The Millionaire Training but also The Six Pillars, The Four Generations of Network Marketing and so much more.  She has stood beside me on stages around the world and delivered the heart and soul of this training that began with Bobby DePew and Jim Rohn so many years ago.

During The Millionaire Training four decades ago, I predicted the substantial impact women would have in network marketing. Today, 70% of people in network marketing are women.  Because women and men assimilate and disseminate information differently, the same philosophies and concepts delivered by me (and now by Taylor) will have a greater impact in the future of our profession which is dominated by women.

I know of no other person than my wife, Taylor, who is better qualified to continue delivering these invaluable principles.  Taylor is the founder of The SheNetwork and my training partner in the LT WealthBuilding Academy.

Taylor has blessed me immensely in her love and support through the years. I have no doubt she will continue to inspire and teach many entrepreneurs, especially women, these principles.  I have the greatest confidence that the torch that was given to me by Bobby and Jim will burn brightly through Taylor for many years to come.

* * * * *

And, finally…it would be inappropriate to refer to this publication as merely ‘a book’ – implying that it’s intended to educate or entertain those who read it.  I believe it would be far more accurate to refer to its contents as a source of ideas and insights that have been used by many people around the world as a “success manual” to increase their wealth and enhance their personal life.

If that happened for ordinary working people like those who you will read about on these pages, it can happen for YOU – provided you not only read this book but that you assimilate and internalize its truths to the extent that the contents become part of who and how you are.  The good news is, you can do that!