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On February 21, 1981, Larry Thompson, the mastermind behind the Herbalife International success story, was recorded presenting the 1st official Herbalife International Training Seminar at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, California, USA.  At the time, Herbalife was doing less than $1 million a month. Four years later, it was producing more than $100 million per month…

That’s $1 Billion per year, in under five years!

The Millionaire Training, a four-hour recording, was a distillation of 15 years’ worth of applied information, tactics, and psychology that Larry mastered from mentors and peers, Bobby DePew and Jim Rohn, who are considered the original strategists and personal development cornerstones of the network marketing industry.  Larry was very fortunate to learn directly from the source and to be able to share with you.

Keep in mind that there was no YouTube, Facebook, or any other training that an individual could access online like they can today that taught how to employ yourself, build a team, and essentially become successful.

The Millionaire Training has been, and still is, the ultimate full-immersion training for ambitious entrepreneurs, regardless of what company, products or services they represent. 

There is no telling how many lives and companies it has positively affected since then. For perspective, The Wall Street Journal called Larry “The Original Architect of Wealth Building.