Jack Silva Herbalife | President’s Team

The Millionaire Training book launch October 6, 2020

I never had a problem with listening to The Millionaire Training over and over and over. I never ever had a problem with that.  Some people, they’ll listen to that and never again will they listen to it.  It’s like they just don’t get it. It’s because of denial, because of arrogance, because of lack of teachability, or because they really didn’t listen that first time.  I’ll tell you what, all my key people, they’ve all metabolized it. It’s their foundation, too.

If you are a new distributor, plug into the support system, plug into the closed LT WealthBuilding Academy group we have with Larry and Taylor Thompson.  It’s an incredible learning environment, that becomes part of your breakfast in the morning.

Read Jack and Julie Silva’s chapter from The Millionaire Training book.

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