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The Millionaire Training book launch October 6, 2020

If you keep it simple, TheMillionaire Training is as remarkably relevant today as when it came out in 1981. Whether you sell skincare, weight loss, hair care, services, remote controls, whatever your company is, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what your compensation plan is.  Follow TheMillionaire Training, because it’s proven it works for over 40 years. These concepts are not something Larry just came up with yesterday. You’ve got somebody with 50 years of experience in the network marketing industry.

No matter what company you’re with, stay focused on TheMillionaire Training. I’m not saying don’t get involved with your company, don’t go to your corporate events and all that. But ultimately, I believe you’ve got to keep it simple. Right now, I can go on Facebook or Instagram, and there are 50 people offering training. The funny part is though, all of them put together don’t have the experience Larry has.

Larry has been doing network marketing longer than these people are old. It’s easy to get hooked by the latest, greatest shiny object, or the fanciest, newest trainer, or the guy that got lucky one time in a deal but never can do it again. Larry’s concepts are constant. These are things that are not going to change another 50 years from now. We’ll all be gone, but they’ll still be going. If you follow the simple basics, no matter what your company is, you’re going to be successful.

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