The Millionaire Training

Golden Principles That Created the Top Network Marketers of Today

Larry Thompson

The Original Mentor to the Millionaires

Over 1,000,000 Copies Sold

“There is nobody better than Larry Thompson at training people in Network Marketing.”

Jim Rohn

It’s February 21, 1981, a sunny morning in Los Angeles, California where the top distributors of the newly founded, Herbalife International, have gathered at the Bonaventure Hotel for the one and only event of its kind called The Millionaire Training. Once too shy to stand up in front of his class and give an oral book report, the 35-year-old Vice President of Sales, Larry Thompson, takes the stage teaching the timeless fundamental principles of network marketing to the small and enthralled crowd.

Thankfully just hours before, Herbalife founder, Mark Hughes, decided to invest the $150 to tape the training. The audio cassette of The Millionaire Training was immediately included in every Herbalife distributor pack. Those who metabolized The Millionaire Training became the top network marketing leaders we see today and several of their stories are included.

Today, Herbalife is the #2 direct sales company in the world with over $5 Billion in sales annually.

Larry Thompson has continued to be a dynamic leader in the network marketing industry for over 50 years and has developed and simplified sales strategies for multiple companies around the globe. Most recently, Larry and his strategic alliance with Rolf Sorg, has helped guide PM International to its first billion dollars in annual sales.

Why is this book being written now? 

There is a distinct difference between marketing and network marketing. Many leaders are teaching marketing and expect the everyday, average person to learn it and then implement it. It’s not that easy. Network marketing is simple. The fundamentals of network marketing never change. When you fully understand these foundational principles, you can easily bridge the gap and apply them to the ever-changing world of social media marketing techniques.

You will be taught How to Employ Yourself, The 7 Diseases of Attitude and Get the Goldmine Attitude plus many other principles that will remain relevant throughout your lifetime. It will impact who and how you are as a business leader and as a person in your everyday life.

Larry Thompson is known by many as the “Mentor to the Millionaires.” The Wall Street Journal called Larry, “The Original Architect of Wealth Building.” And, now you have the opportunity to have The Millionaire Training in your hands as your very own success manual.

The Millionaire Training is accepted to be the essential foundation to anyone building a business and is more relevant today than when it was originally recorded. Larry and his wife Taylor reside in Prosper, Texas and continue to train and teach willing entrepreneurs the fundamentals of creating wealth through their LT WealthBuilding Academy. To learn more go to