Tish Rochin

Tish Rochin

Chairman’s Club | Herbalife International

Tish Rochin’s Millionaire Training Story

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As I sit here thinking about this journey God has had me on for the last 40 years, I am in awe at what has happened in my life and how God used Larry to start me on this amazing journey.

In the 1970’s I was a single mom with two kids to support.  I had to figure out how to do it on my own and I thought, well, men support kids. That’s when I realized I needed to get a job that a man could do but that I could do physically. First, I found a job as a clerk typist for the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans), and the funny thing is I couldn’t even type! After about a year of doing that, CalTrans opened up the maintenance division to women.

I applied for the job and I got it. I worked on the highway driving trucks and equipment and maintaining the freeway for 5 ½ years and I loved it. In the early part of 1980 as I was looking into the future, I couldn’t see me as a little old lady working on the freeway. Around the same time, my brother Larry called and asked if I would be interested in coming to Texas to help him with a project he was working on. I was the happiest I had ever been so couldn’t imagine leaving, but he told me to think about it and he would call back in a month. This was a big decision for me because I was in a good relationship and I had the best job I ever had. I was making about $1,200 a month, had sick leave, vacation time, and health insurance. Yet, for some reason, I decided I was going to do it. I was going to Texas. So, in June of 1980 I jumped in my Toyota with my daughter Leslee, my significant other Vern, and my best friend, Brenda, and we headed to Texas.

Along the way, we stopped at my parent’s house to stay the night. I was taken aback when my parents told me they had been going to church and got baptized. I was surprised about this because we didn’t grow up in the church. The next stop on our trip was in Arizona to visit Brenda’s parents. Her mom started talking about God. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. After a pit stop by Larry’s in Plano, Texas, we went on to New Orleans to visit Vern’s dad and stepmom. For three days his stepmom went on and on about her religion. Looking back, now I know this was God working in my life and preparing me for what was about to come.

We made our way back to Plano and then Leslee, Vern, and Brenda all flew back to California leaving me with Larry to move forward on his project. Then, after a couple of days – I remember it was a Tuesday night – I’m watching television and Larry comes out fixed up a bit. So, I asked, “Where are you going?”

He said he had just started going to a Bible Church. My response was, “You go to a Bible Church?”

 He said, “Yes, do you want to go?”

I asked if they dressed up and he said that it was casual. All I had were my work Levi’s and my dress Levi’s, so I put on my dress Levi’s and off to church we went.

The preacher was teaching some interesting stuff, but since I didn’t know anything about the Bible, I didn’t really understand it. Then, afterward, this lady invited us to her house for a get together. We went and the first thing they did was to crank up the music and bring out some wine. Not too long later, there was a knock on the door, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was the preacher! I couldn’t believe it because I thought you couldn’t do things like that and go to church. 

So now I am thinking that Larry is in a cult. We argued all the way home, but he said the guy is teaching the truth, I’ve never heard him contradict himself once. After that, the only reason I went back was to see how they had him brainwashed… was it a word or a phrase? I didn’t know but I needed to find out.  Come Sunday night, Larry and I headed off to church again. At the end of the Bible class, in the closing prayer, the preacher said, “You can have just a thread of faith in Jesus Christ and have eternal life or you could burn in hell.”

I’m sitting there thinking, well, I could muster up a thread of faith. So, I did. I believed in Jesus Christ as my Savior. Now, as a Believer, the Bible messages started really opening up to me.

I was helping Larry with his new project, which ultimately did not work out. In the meantime, this guy, Mark Hughes, kept calling for Larry and leaving all these messages. Then, one day, Larry comes in to talk with me and tells me he is going to California to meet with Mark. While in California, they discussed what was going on with Mark’s new business, Herbalife. Mark was really excited and wanted Larry to come work with him. They ended up drawing up the marketing plan on a restaurant napkin, and Larry agreed to go back to help Mark build Herbalife. Once Larry got back to Texas and informed me of his decision, I was devastated. I was only in Texas for three months and now he was going to leave me here. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I’d been going to Bible study for long enough to know that this is where God wanted me to be.

Larry had been gone for a few weeks when all of I sudden I get this box in the mail. Larry had sent me an Herbalife distributor kit with some weight loss products in it. He told me to get on this stuff and start talking to people. I thought he was crazy. Why he thought I could do this was beyond me. He knew that I knew how to work hard and was teachable, but I didn’t really have much weight to lose.

I did what he said though and lost a little weight and gained some energy. Then, I was introduced to a guy named John and he had a lot of weight to lose. He ended up losing 75 pounds in 90 days. Now, we had a story to share. Let me tell you, we had to have good results because those Herbalife protein shakes were nothing like they are today. You wouldn’t just sip this stuff; you’d have to gulp it down real quick because they were potent, gritty, and really gross. But, boy did they work!

I still couldn’t believe Larry wanted me to sell this stuff. I was no salesman, but Larry kept telling me, “You can do this!” He said all I needed to do was to wear this button that said LOSE WEIGHT NOW, ASK ME HOW! (which by the way, I felt was as big as a satellite on my shoulder), and talk to people.

He gave me this script to follow that read, “Are you seriously interested in losing weight?”

If they answered yes, I would ask what kind of weight-loss products they had tried before. They’d name off a few things they had tried, and I would say, “But you haven’t tried Herbalife.”

In order to get more business, I started placing ads in the local shopper’s guide that said, LOSE WEIGHT NOW, ASK ME HOW! My phone started ringing off the hook. I read my script, asked them how they wanted to pay for the product, and scheduled a delivery time. Back then, we didn’t have UPS, FedEx or any type of delivery service, so every order had to be hand-delivered. Boy, I was running myself ragged going all over Dallas to deliver my products, and it didn’t take long to figure out that I needed to come up with a better plan.

I decided to deliver products to Garland on one day, Dallas on another day, and Plano on another and so on. This worked much better. Because I was out making product deliveries, I couldn’t answer the phone, which meant I was missing out on business. Back then, there was no such thing as answering machines, much less voice mail. Again, I had to come up with a solution. So, I ended up hiring an answering service to take messages while I was gone. I would return calls when I got home and schedule more deliveries.

Initially, I was living off the retail profit I made because that was the only money coming in while I was building my business. So, I’m out there selling all these products just to keep a roof over our head and some food on the table. Some of my customers became my best distributors. I’d tell them if they needed to make some extra money, I could show them how.  I’d say, “Once you begin losing weight, people will ask you what you’re doing. I can sign you up as a distributor, and you can make the extra $500 – $1,000 a month, or I can make that profit, the choice is yours.”  That is how I built my team.

Larry and Mark said, “Use – Wear – Talk,” so that’s what I did and that’s what I taught my team. It was that simple and that duplicatable.  Together, my team and I, were able to retail and wholesale our way up to the President’s Team, which was the top level of Herbalife at the time.

It wasn’t easy being the first distributor outside of California, but Larry and Mark were encouraging and guiding me from afar. I needed to make this business work. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t a businessperson; I was a truck driver. But, that wasn’t the worst of it… I looked like a truck driver, acted like a truck driver, and talked like a truck driver. If a word had more than four letters, I couldn’t pronounce it. Needless to say, they had to clean me up a bit. On the other hand, one thing I had going for me was that I was willing to do the work. Larry and Mark told me that to build my business, I needed to talk to 10 people a day about the product and 10 people a day about the business.

They also told me if I did that every single day, I could earn $30,000 – $60,000 my first year. I didn’t know any different, so I did exactly what they told me to do and I didn’t deviate. If it was 9:00 on a Sunday night and I had only talked to nine people about the product, then I’d run out to 7-11 and find someone to talk to.

Since I wasn’t a businessperson, I was more comfortable retailing the products than I was building the business. That is until I had the opportunity to be at a training Larry and Mark were holding in California. From this training came Larry’s infamous “Millionaire Training.” This training blew us all away. It was outstanding and propelled Herbalife forward like no one could imagine. The event was recorded, and The Millionaire Training was put on cassettes. Distributors would listen to those tapes over and over again until the tape wore out.  It was so funny because every time I would get into a distributor’s car, they would have The Millionaire Training playing. Little did we know back then what an incredible influence and impact this training would have on the entire industry.

            The Millionaire Training reinforced what Larry had already being teaching me; the training made it real and put it all together. I finally realized why I had to talk to 10 people a day about the product and 10 people a day about the opportunity – it was Safety in Numbers and Law of Averages (S.I.N.L.O.A.)  I learned about the Goldmine Principle that I couldn’t build my business alone that I needed a team of people working toward the same goal. We left The Millionaire Training with enthusiasm and the momentum we needed to take our business to the next level.

We started teaching our team the principles and concepts of The Millionaire Training. We put the 90-day plan that Larry gave us into effect. Every day we had to use the product, wear the button and talk to 10 people about the product and 10 people about the business. We worked with our team using the “Tell, Show, Try, Do” principle, and not accept any excuses by applying “I don’t know about that, all I know is…” We put the work in consistently and persistently, day in and day out for 90-days. Then, we would do it all over again for another 90-days, and then another, and another to keep our momentum rolling!

Larry was the key to my success as my business grew. It’s a process to build, grow, change, and become better. Larry was always there with training, advice, and a listening ear when I needed it. He had the most influence when it came to setting the tone for all the distributors. He wasn’t soft, he would tell you like it is. He toldpeople what they needed to hear not necessarily what they wanted to hear. Everyone respected Larry and his teaching. Part of his magic is his ability to get people to believe they can do it when they don’t have enough belief in themselves. Larry has a special gift to recognize the potential in someone. He would zero in on someone in my downline who I may have never noticed, see their potential, build them up, and sharpen their skills – skills many times they didn’t even know they had. Time and again he was able to pick out people who were willing to put in the work to be successful. And, that is exactly what he did with me. He saw the potential in me that I never knew I had. He never doubted me and sure enough my first year I made $59,000.

Looking back on my life, God obviously had a much bigger plan for me then I could have imagined when Larry brought me to Texas. God used Herbalife to orchestrate His Plan. I learned early on in my Herbalife career that if I was going to be successful, I needed to keep my priorities straight. I had to put my spiritual life first, then my family life, and then Herbalife. It wasn’t always easy. There were hard times, both personally and professionally, and there were times when Herbalife came under attack, but we stuck it out and came back stronger than before. One reason we were able to have this “sticktuitism,” as we called it, was because we trusted God. I would have never imagined God was working in my life back in 1980, but yes, looking back He definitely has a perfect plan.

So, here we are nearly 40 years later, and The Millionaire Training is just as relevant and useful today for building a business as it was back then. The tools and concepts Larry taught us are exactly the same, they never change. Those concepts still apply today for whatever endeavor you embark upon, or just for life.

It is so true what we used to say, we can take the Herbalife distributor kit with Larry’s The Millionaire Training drop it on an island somewhere and the person who finds it can build a successful business. When we attended The Millionaire Training, no one ever could have imagined how that training would change the course of network marketing history, much less, be the network marketing playbook 40 years later and still making a difference.

I am grateful Larry believed in me and encouraged me to spread my wings and move to Texas. Because he did, I found God. Together, they helped me, a lady truck driver, build a successful international business that has flourished beyond my wildest dreams.